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Transactions instructions

To make easier your first buyings, here is a working plan « how to do transactions on this website ». This method has been made easier.
  • It's recommended to be logged in as soon as you arrive on the website. Once registered, you should take this link as favorited.
  • Choose the option « our offers » from the orange menu (present on every top of page of the site).
  • After this you can choose between to consult the general catalog or a specific catalog of each member (formula 2 et 1). Personnally, I prefer to consult the general catalog because he proposes the most of offers.
  • In each list of the catalog, you have the possibility to choose the option at the right side « buy it» for each item of the list, which allows you to buy directly this item. This option treats the transactions one by one.
  • When you are decided to buy an item, you need just to click on the button « buy it » corresponding and you'll get a small grey window asking you to confirm your choice. If you change your mind in extremis, you can select «annulate» from this window.
  • By clicking on the button « ok » of the small window, you definitively validate your buying of the item.
  • An email is then automatically sent to the buyer and to the seller concerned by the transaction.
  • You can at this time list your selected items in « my account/my reserved items ».
  • When the item is safely arrived, we recommend you to click on the red V in my account/reserved items to confirm your good transaction and to allow us to archivate and keep in book this transaction for you.
We wish you very good deals.

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