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Welcome on Philaclub - Philately
A real shop-window with direct transactions for philatelists. Thousands of stamps and letters directly available for you. You can buy them 24h/24. Philaclub is a stampseller's association which propose you a large variety of stamps and letters since prephilatelic period until our days for friend's prices.

Selection from our best offers

YT 3086 - 3 TB Enveloppes FDC Marianne du 14 Juillet (12 val) Paris 15-9-1997
Proposed by nanard65 for 12.00€

YT 29B - Bonne paire Nap lauré 20c oblit Pts chiffres de grands 305 (Bar-le-Duc)
Proposed by europhilfr for 12.00€

YT 14Af - Superbe Nap bleu laiteux PC 237 - Bailleul (Nord) - Lot philaclub
Proposed by soutienphila for 5.00€

YT 968.1007 - !!!!!!!......ANNEE COMPLETE * * 1954 1ER CHOIX
Proposed by suphil for 79.50€
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New! The great Nuancier of all the imperforated
Napoleon stamps of Philaclub is arrived!
An excellent present for this end of year
Philaclub is pleased to propose you for this end of year, a new nuancier (colour chart) of all the imperforated Napoleon stamps from 1852 to 1862 (Republic and Empire).

It has been realised in a quality of impression and a fidelity of image surely unpredecented at this day! Indeed, thanks to this nuancier, it will be really possible for you to compare the stamps of your collection with those of this nuancier and to identify their true nuance.

You will find in more a detailed study of each facial, its historical evolution and a precise table integrating these almost 150 references with their value according to an average value after the most know catalogues on the matter.

Link for more details and to acquire this excellent philatelic tool.

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There are actually 1256 members and 1892 lots on Philaclub!
Since the 1/1/2004, 5788 lots have been sold for 103225.12 Euros.

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