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January 2006

It’s 2006—an exciting New Year for Philaclub!

Hello fellow philatelists

we wish you all a Happy New Year. Thank you for regularly visiting our club on site, in spite of our difficult winter.

As we mentioned in a previouus letter the new system of “star” announcements is working well. These are now brought up to date automatically and you can even access a complete catalogue of all these select announcements. Take a look at them soon, as there are some very attractive offers. The best always disappear first.

Year 2005 was a very good year! The site is finding its own pace: it has nearly 650 members and 5,000 announcements. Two-thirds of the announcements have already been taken up; this is a much better showing than that by other similar sites.

If you have more “interesting proprosals” to make, don’t hesitate to rejoin our site Philaclub. You will benefit from a permanently low membership rate, enabling you to remain an active member of the company and take part in its development. In fact, these fees are only used to provide you with a quick, reliable home page as well as a skilled programmer careful to ensure the maintenance and technical improvement of our site during its continued expansion.

On January 28th the committee of Philaclub will meet for the “General Assembly”, and even though most of the administrative tasks are done by those close to the President, we would like the help of two affiiates:

  • the first will help in promoting the site on the internet.

  • the second will help me with the announcements and in choosing which “star” announcements to promote...

If you can spare one or two hours a week and one of these tasks interests you, contact me for more information. In exchange we will offer you a discount on your subscription as a seller. Don’t hesistate to contact Bernard by email; our members are not only from France, but also from other adjacent countries.

We look forward to meeting you for another exciting year in philately on our site. Best wishes to all our members and purchasers!

Happy New Year!

Jean-Claude, Bernard et Sylvie, President and Secretaries of


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