The Great Nuancier of the Imperforated
Napoleon stamps of France of Philaclub



Philaclub is pleased to propose you a complete nuancier (colour chart) of all the imperforated Napoleon stamps Republic and Empire from1852 to 1862. It is published in the form of booklet in half format A4 with 6 pages of illustrations in cover with photo quality and 12 pages of explanations, in a paper of very good quality.

After months of research, Michael Schwahn and your Webmaster Bernard Brinette drew up this great study with nearly 150 references in images to allow you to follow all the evolution of those stamps from 1852 to 1862. We also joined a complete note of 12 pages with the presentation of all those facial, the list of the chosen stamps for our nuancier and finally a table including the estimated values (in Euros) of the stamps of our study (average value according to the different catalogues which are used as reference).

This nuancier was established with a particular care for the impression of the images, which will enable you as of the first glance to identify these nuances.

(You can click on this link, to see a direct comparison between page 4 of the nuancier and the real corresponding stamps. The two series were scannerized under the same conditions and the stamps put at their same respective position).

At this time, a such study is unpredecented. We profited from technology of impression among the most modern, so that the stamps are almost identical to the stamps of origin. Our study is mainly based on the specialized Yvert and Tellier from 1975. This catalogue for us, the most complete on the varieties of nuances of those stamps. But we also added some remarks and nuances which unquestionably exist and which could be useful to you, in particular for the probable evolution in the traditional philatelic market of France in the future.

About the stamps, we can indicate that they all are in our possession and that the greatest values were generally signed or accompanied by a certificate of authenticity established by the most famous experts of France.

To profit from this tool:

Philaclub grants you advantageous conditions for the purchase of this nuancier.

  • This nuancier is proposed at the price Net of $23.50 US (18 euros)  (port and packing included for the Metropolitan France).

  • If you take in more the great nuancier of stamp 14, you can obtain the 2 for $30.00 (23 euros) instead of $34.

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The total number of these nuanciers was this time increased to 2500 specimens. There are 1500 in French and 1000 in English...

Christmas and the end of the year approache, it's the ideal occasion to make a present
which will be certainly welcome to an amateur of traditional stamps of France.  

Your philatelic friends

Bernard and Michael



The nuancier with the images of the stamps:

  The explanations and the list of the stamps:


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