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Here are a few words to assure you that the data which you give in this form will remain strictly confidential ; Philaclub will not divulge this information to anyone under any pretext.

Make sure you give correct coordinates and email address, as these will allow sellers to contact you and send the products you have chosen. On the site itself, we will only display your login name, your region and country, thus preserving anonymity for most of our members.

Once these coordinates have been validated, an email will be sent automatically to you to confirm your membership. You will only need to click on the link inserted in the text and straight away you can make your purchases!
You will then be a member of, (free of charge).

At that time, we shall give you a link to a short form where you may subscribe (with a small fee) to become a member / seller.

We warmly welcome you to our site !


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