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A new website of direct transactions between collectors
Quick, Easy and Effective

 You are buyer of stamps, covers, letters and coins for numismatic or postal cards ? *

  • We propose you a direct website with instantaneous buyings (immediate transactions) where you'll be able to choose your prefered items

  • Our items are classified so that you can find QUICKLY what you are searching for

  • You can compare the similar offers and choose the best report quality/price
* The coins for numismates and the postal cards will nextly also be available on Philaclub.
 You have attrative items to propose for interessting prices ?

  • For a modest contribution, you'll enjoy to use an interactive website, to place items as in a real shop-window.

  • By becoming a Member of our Club, you'll enjoy from many advantages (direct sellings,large choice of well classified items, possibility to publish a mancolist (needing list of stamps) around 20 items you are searching for, correspond with other members to get their help...)

Why not use the advantages of Internet ?
  • Great pictures of the items with precise scans
  • automatical transactions and sorting of the items
  • free mails between buyers and sellers

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There are actually 1257 members and lots on Philaclub!
Since the 1/1/2004, 5789 lots have been sold for 103227.62 Euros.

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